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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Expertise

Flexi Sigmoidoscopy

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is typically performed for rectal bleeding in patients, in whom a benign anorectal condition is most likely.

The advantage is that oral bowel preparation is not required, with a fleet enema being given on arrival. The flexible sigmoidoscopy can also be performed without sedation as it is a relatively simple and quick procedure, though this will also depend on the indication.


Sigmoidoscopy is an internal examination of the first part of the large colon which includes the rectum, sigmoid and descending colon using a flexible endoscope or a colonoscope.

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is an accurate and easy method of investigating the cause of rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits, and rectal symptoms such as pain and diarrhoea.

A flexible sigmoidoscopy will take approximately 10-15 minutes. It may take longer due to obtaining small tissue samples or removing polyps and will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

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